CrashPlan for Home Restore-to-Door Service to be Discontinued Jan. 4, 2016

On January 4, 2016, we will discontinue our optional, paid Restore-to-Door service for CrashPlan Home subscribers.  It has been our pleasure to offer this service for several years, but due to declining interest, we are choosing to focus these resources on improving our customer support responsiveness.

There are other ways to quickly retrieve large amounts of data using CrashPlan beyond this service. We recommend configuring a local CrashPlan backup, either to another computer or to an external hard drive, in addition to your backup to CrashPlan Central.  

 This yields multiple benefits:

  • Fast backup to the local destination so you're protected while your offsite backup is completing
  • Fast restore from a local destination in situations where a full restore is required (e.g. laptop theft, hard drive failure)
  • Meanwhile, your CrashPlan Central backup ensure offsite backup security in the event of a local disaster (e.g. fire, flood, home theft)

This way, if your main computer fails, the local backup data can provide a timely restore for large amounts of data.

Thank you,

The Code42 CrashPlan Team

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