Code42 Platform Version 5.2 Available


Code42 is pleased to announce the availability of version 5.2 of the Code42 platform. 

The 5.2 release contains a number of new features and enhancements that make it easier for you to manage, monitor and customize your environment. Highlights include:

  • Security updates throughout the Code42 platform
  • Support for enhanced archive encryption within version 5.2 of the CrashPlan app
  • Network-based sending limits allowing device backup rates to be configured based on the network location of each device
  • Automatic secure keystore for the ability to encrypt components of your Code42 server database, including the encryption keys for backup archives
  • Improved support for co-branding images in the administration console and for customization of email templates
  • Enhancements to the Code42 web apps

For more details regarding 5.2, please view the release notes.

Upgrade to version 5.2 today

We highly recommend you upgrade your server and CrashPlan app software to version 5.2 to take advantage of these valuable enhancements. You can upgrade your Code42 environment from Code42 platform version 5.1.2 or later.



Attention administrators utilizing the Code42 public cloud

If your on-premises master server connects to the Code42 public cloud upgrade your Code42 environment to remain compliant with the Code42 Public Cloud Version Policy


Policy Notifications Center

We provide a one-stop resource for Code42 administrators to see all our active policy notifications

If you have further questions, please contact our Code42 Customer Champions.


The Code42 Team

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