Create An Account To View Additional Topics or Post Comments


To view all discussion topics or post comments or topics, you need to sign in to your forum account. Once you're logged into your forum account, you'll have full access to discussions and feature requests for all CrashPlan products.

Forum accounts are completely separate from CrashPlan user accounts. You will need to sign up, even if you're already using CrashPlan.

Sign Up

1. Click the sign up link in the upper-right corner of the window.


2. In the Sign-up window enter your full name.


3.  Enter your email address

4.  Enter a password (at least 5 characters).

5.  Click Sign me up.


6.   Look for an email message from It contains the link that signs you in to the forum.

7.   Click the link and you're all set to view discussions and post your topics or comments.




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