How to follow CrashPlan for Home and Small Business forums

Follow our Announcements and Service Status Updates forums to be notified when Code42 posts new information.

  • Announcements: Get alerts about changes in support hours during holidays, learn about new Code42 releases, and stay up-to-date on important Code42 information.
  • Service Status Updates: Get alerts about scheduled maintenance, service interruptions, and resolved events.

Code42 for Enterprise customers: These forums are for CrashPlan for Small Business customers. To see forums for Code42 for Enterprise customers and to receive alerts for Code42 announcements, join the Code42 customer community.

To follow a forum:

  1. Log into the forums.
  2. Click Announcements or Service Status Updates.
    The page for that forum opens.Pasted_image_at_2018_01_24_10_51_AM.png
  3. Click Follow and select New articles or New articles and comments.
    A banner appears to confirm that you are now following that section.

In addition to following the forums, CrashPlan for Small Business customers can see the status of Code42 systems at any time by visiting the status page.

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