How to follow CrashPlan for Small Business forums

Follow our Announcements forums to be notified when Code42 support availability varies.

  • Announcements: Get alerts about changes in support hours during holidays.
  • Service Status Updates: CrashPlan for Small Business customers can see the status of Code42 systems at any time by visiting the status page.

Code42 for Enterprise customers: To see forums for Code42 for Enterprise customers and to receive alerts for Code42 announcements, join the Code42 customer community.

To follow a forum:

  1. Log into the forums.
  2. Click Announcements or Service Status Updates.
    The page for that forum opens.Pasted_image_at_2018_01_24_10_51_AM.png
  3. Click Follow and select New articles or New articles and comments.
    A banner appears to confirm that you are now following that section.


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