CrashPlan Release 10.19.2009

We're proud to announce that we've just made available a new release of CrashPlan. This release contains new features and enhancements sure to please everybody. You can read the details in the Release Notes on the Support Wiki.

In this release, check out:

  • New! Enhanced Version Retention. Now CrashPlan users are able to keep more of their recent versions and less of the older ones. And CrashPlan+ customers can set the rules for keeping versions over a specific periods of time.
  • Expanded Support for Mac Bundles. When you restore Banner projects (.bnz), Sandvox documents (.svxSite) or files created with OmniGraffle (.graffle), they will display as a single file as they do in Finder.
  • Windows EFS Support. CrashPlan now supports Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) which means you can back up and restore from encrypted drives.

Other changes:

  • JVM Security Upgrade. We are upgrading the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to Version 6 Update 16 for Windows users. This addresses security warnings when installing CrashPlan on Windows.
  • If you have a paid subscription to CrashPlan Central, you won't see ads in the free version of CrashPlan desktop.
  • Enhanced compatibility for Linux users.

We've also taken care of issues that were reported since the last release, including:

  • Windows 7, Vista - CrashPlan now uses the system tray to properly interpret when the user is present or away. This means that the system tray needs to be running.
  • Mac / Linux - Root designation ”/” is now being interpreted properly.
  • If you change the Daily Scan setting to run later today, the daily scan will run again, even if the scan ran earlier today.
  • Deleted files that were embedded in folders are now detected properly in real-time.
  • You can restore from a local folder even if it is outside of the time period CrashPlan will run. For example, if you have specified that CrashPlan can run between 11:00pm and 3am, you can still restore files in local folders at 4pm.

Once again, thank you for making CrashPlan your backup solution.

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