CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO 3.2 Released

We've just released version 3.2 of CrashPlan and CrashPlan PRO.

By popular request, we've added these great new features -

  • Automatically pause backups when running on selected networks; to exclude a 3g hotspot, for example. (Mac and Windows)
  • Automatically pause backups when battery charge reaches a certain level (Mac and Windows).
  • Mac menu bar item to control and monitor your backup (Mac; Windows already had this functionality)
  • Support for linux 3.x kernels

For more details, see the release notes here - 


CrashPlan PRO

Upgrade Issues

If you are having issues with your upgrade, please follow this link

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    Permanently Deleted User

    Since automatically updating to 3.2 an hour ago, I have been unable to connect to Crashplan Central. Rebooting both the computer and the app, pausing and restarting, etc, seem to make no difference. I'm getting a perpetual "waiting for connection".

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    Stephen Dawson

    Since my automatic update earlier today, I can connect OK to Crashplan Central from all PCs, but none of them want to back up to each other over the Internet - just a perpetual "waiting for connection" even though the IP address is shown (albeit without the port number, which may be significant).

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    Brad Walter

    Hello Stephen and Jamie,


    Please submit tickets to so we can take a look. If you have already created a ticket then we should have already picked up the ticket and you should be getting a response shortly.

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