Attention administrators with exclusively on-premises backup destinations
Per policy, Code42 enforces a minimum software version for customers to receive product support.

Minimum supported versions as of May 2, 2017
If you use on-premises backup destinations only, you must be on server version 5.1.2.x or later of the Code42 Platform by May 2, 2017 in order to continue to receive support.

Plan your server and client upgrade now
If you intend to upgrade to version 6.0 upon its release, you must upgrade your clients to a supported version.  If your clients are not on a supported version (listed below) before you upgrade to 6.0, your clients will be unable to connect to your master server. 

Supported server and client versions in order to upgrade to the upcoming 6.0 release:
  • 5.4.x
    • Client versions 5.4.x and 4.8.x
  • 5.3.x
    • Client versions 5.3.x and 4.7.x
  • 5.2.x
    • Client versions 5.2.x and 4.6.x
  • 5.1.x
    • Client versions 5.1.2.x and 4.5.x
Note: Once your server is upgraded to 5.1.2.x and your clients are upgraded to 5.1.2.x or 4.5.x, you can upgrade directly to 6.0 when it becomes available. There is no need to upgrade to any other versions in-between.

Identify client versions in use
Follow these instructions to identify the client versions running in your environment. 

If you are a Managed Private Cloud customer, please contact our Code42 Customer Champions to schedule your upgrade.

If you have any questions about this communication, please contact the Code42 Customer Champion team.

The Code42 Team
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