Code42 Release Notification - Cloud Version 6.5


Code42 is pleased to announce the availability of version 6.5 to the Code42 cloud. 

Version 6.5 of the Code42 cloud is a major release that includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements. This release primarily impacts cloud-only Code42 environments (without on-site authority or storage servers), but many of the fixes and enhancements also apply to Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server that use Code42 cloud storage.

Updates affect the following components:

  • Code42 platform (powers the Code42 cloud)
  • Administration console
  • Code42 app for Windows, Mac, and Linux (version 6.5)


Simplified tools for client management

*Requires Code42 app version 6.5, which is scheduled for release in October 2017.

  • Client customizations - Administrators can now apply the following to Code42 apps from a single screen in the administration console.
  • Client deployment - Integrating the Code42 app with single sign-on (SSO) or deploying the app silently and authenticating users with LDAP is now managed in the administration console, not in custom scripts and app packages.

New legal hold capabilities

The Code42 legal hold web app is now available for cloud-only Code42 environments (with no on-premises authority or storage servers). The legal hold app enables your legal team to easily create and manage preservation policies, place users (custodians) in your Code42 environment on legal hold, and collect data. Code42 legal hold also supports integration with Zapproved's CloudPreserve.

For more details regarding 6.5, please view the release notes.  

Support & Policy Reminders:

Per policy, Code42 enforces a minimum software version for customers who connect to the Code42 public cloud. 

For Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server also using Code42 cloud storage, the minimum version required for an on-premises Code42 authority server is 5.1.2. The Code42 cloud no longer accepts connections from versions before 5.1.2.

If you have any questions or concerns, please engage the Code42 Customer Champions.

The Code42 Team


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